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Bike Of The Month

Bike Of The Month: 2014 Ducati 696 ABS

Each month we'll be featuring a different bike to showcase some beautiful examples of different models that we've been fortunate enough to work with, the upgrades available and our capabilities.

Ducati Monster 696

We've been fortunate enough to have been looking after this Ducati Monster 696 since it was purchased in 2015. It is a beautiful example of a well maintained bike with upgrades in all the right places.

We thought we'd run a Q&A with the owner to see how it came to be.

How long have you been riding Motorcycles? I got my licence in 2010 whilst working in Darwin, although I had a few lessons back in 2006. Getting my motorbike licence was something that I always wanted to do.

How did your love of Motorcycles begin? When I was 13 years old I did a paper round, there was a fella who used to come to the shop on a Yellow Ducati 996, I remember the sound vividly and said to myself that one day I would own a Ducati.

What did you ride previously? I had a little Honda CBF 250 to learn on, it was a great little bike that served it's purpose. After the CBF I bought a 2008 Yamaha YZF-R6 which I enjoyed but if I’m honest it scared the hell out of me, probably not the best bike to move onto from a 250.

What attracted you to the Ducati Monster? I heard about a “Ducati Monster” before I actually saw one. I knew I liked Ducati’s and I thought I’d enjoy telling people that I owned a “Monster”. In 2012 I went and laid eyes on a red 696 in the flesh, from that moment I knew that I wanted one. In 2014 I found out that Ducati were discontinuing the 696 and it immediately sent me into panic mode, I wanted a monster. The R6 went up for sale and the hunt began, I found my one at a local dealer and didn’t even take it for a test ride, I just knew I wanted one and this could be last chance to get a good one.

Tell us a bit about the modifications? When I bought the monster I was almost a bit disappointed that it didn’t sound like a Ducati, me thinking something was wrong with my new bike I jumped on google and speared a call in to Pro-Twin and was told the sound I had heard all those years ago would have been a set of Termignoni's. Needless to say that fixed the problem and so began my modification journey and relationship with Pro Twin. With the help of Pro Twin I discovered Rizoma, Ducabike, Evotech and learnt about the benefits of Dyno Tuning as well as the importance of regular servicing.

Modification List

Ducabike Clear Clutch Cover

Ducabike Clutch Slave Cylinder

Ducabike Rearsets

Ducabike Handle Bar Clamp

Ducabike Oil Cap

Ducabike Frame Plugs

Ducabike Front Wheel Caps Ducati Performance Seat Ducati Performance Air Filter Ducati Performance Carbon Tank Pad Rizoma Bar Ends Rizoma Grips Rizoma Timing Belt Cover Rizoma Mirrors RIzoma Fuel Cap RIzoma Indicators Evotech Performance Tail Tidy Evotech Performance Levers Evotech Performance Rear Spindle Bobbins Carbon King Rear Hugger Carbon King Exhaust Trim Termignoni Carbon Pipes

Ceramic Coated Exhaust

14T Sprocket

Tuneboy Unlock & Full Dyno Tune

What’s next? I think I’ve said “this is the last thing I'll do to the monster” a number of times now, but just last week during a service at Pro Twin I added a Ducabike Clutch Slave Cylinder to match a few of the other bits. I’m thinking some Rizoma Bars, maybe a bit more carbon fibre, there’s always something to do. That's what I love about these bikes. I’m looking forward to summer and getting out on the bike a bit more. At this stage I have zero plans to get rid of the monster.

What is your dream bike and what modifications would you do to it? I was lucky enough to get a couple of sneak peaks of the Turbo Diavel being built, that thing is an absolute weapon, I wouldn’t mind one of them tucked away in my garage. To be honest though I would love a Sport Classic and other than a set of pipes there isn’t much I would change, they’re a great looking bike and in my eyes absolute perfection…next to monster of course.

A massive thank you to Andy Baker for allowing us to maintain, modify and feature this beautiful example of a Ducati Monster.

Watch this space for November's Feature Bike. You never know when your bike might become our next feature bike.

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