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With over 25 years of experience it's easy to understand the outstanding reputation that Pro Twin Australia has established for performance, quality and customer satisfaction. 

Australia's one stop motorcycle shop can do it all from rebuilding, repairing, restoring, maintaining and performance upgrades on both bevel and belt driven motorcycles, to being one of the most sought-after dyno tuning centres in Australia. Fully equipped with state of the art machinery and diagnostics including tyre changers, tyre balancers, welders, presses and a lathe and mill to meet your custom fabrication needs and stocked with only the highest quality motorcycle parts and accessories in the world.


There's not a lot this in demand motorcycle centre can't do. Just ask them.

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Quite simply Justin has transformed my bike, it's not the same, it's a completely different animal, I haven't stopped grinning.

The bike simply runs beautifully, all the power is back and more, smooth linear acceleration, one of the best rides I've had on her today, just beautiful pick up in every gear, its never pulled this well. You haven't charged me anywhere near what you should have, I would happily have paid double given how well she goes. Plus the gear indicator is fixed!

Wayne Cluett, Buell 1190R

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